26 November, 2007

Holiday greetings & Elections

Dear Compatriot:

Allow me, on behalf of the Executive Council of the Ghana-Canada Association of BC, to wish you, your family and dear ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. It is my hope and prayer that the New Year brings you and your family good tidings, success and prosperity in all aspects of your lives.

It is also the hope of the Executive Council of the GCABC that 2008 will see our association not only grow stronger, but also make further progress in our efforts to build a more closely knit community. May the New Year avail us the opportunity to build upon the modest gains we made collectively--executives and members-- during the past two years. We hope our association can continue to count on your continued active participation in the New Year.

As you might have read from the electronic announcement sent to members recently, time has come to elect new officers to run the affairs of our association. I am, by this letter, imploring you to participate in this very crucial democratic process by helping to elect our new "dignified servants" or be elected as one. Thus, we wish to see you and your family at Douglas College, 700 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC on December 15 from 2-4PM. As one wise man said, those who fail to elect their leaders are ruled by fools? Be part of this exciting democratic process. Stand up to be counted! Step forward to serve. Don't forget Jesus Christ's injunction: "The greatest among you must serve."

The New Year brings with it new challenges and opportunities and we need our collective commitment and resolve to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities. Remember that the GCABC is our collective venture and we sink or sail together. What is more, we will bask in its glory or wallow in its shame as individual Ghanaians. Let's discourage the fence-sitters in our midst and let's pull our association forward. We must move beyond "the partying and merry-making syndrome" and begin to build a solid foundation of economic sustainability that will allow us to provide support services for our members, especially our youth and the seniors.
See you on Saturday, December 15 at Douglas College.

Truly yours,

Charles Quist-Adsde, PhD
On behalf of the Executive Council.

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